Small Scatter Size Fine Weave Antique Blue Color Persian Kerman Rug 42876

Size: 2 ft x 2 ft 9 in (0.61 m x 0.84 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Woven in the Kerman style, this charming medallion rug features ogival designs, a saturated royal blue field and elements inspired by Moughal India.

Antique Kerman Rug, Persia, Turn of the Century – Unlike many carpets in the Kerman style, this rug features an exceptionally rich, unadorned field woven with high-quality blue yarn, consistent dye quality, and a level of skill only achieved by artisan studio workers and master weavers. From the symmetric floral borders filled with interconnected scrollwork to the ogival medallions in each corner of the field, many of the dominant elements display strong influences from Mughal weavers.

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