Small Ivory Background With Blue Design Antique Chinese Rug 72061


Size: 2 ft 1 in x 4 ft 3 in (0.63 m x 1.3 m)
Origin: China

Gorgeous Ivory Background Antique Chinese Rug, Country of Origin: China, Circa Date: 1900 – This gorgeous antique Chinese rug from 1900 will make an excellent addition to an Asian themed or Chinoiserie style room. It has an earthy feel and pays homage to the natural world through its colors and floral garden theme. The design is reminiscent of a garden reflecting pool or formal courtyard garden. The garden inspired design of this small scatter size antique area rug is perfect for an Eco-Chic or Japanese Wabi-Sabi room.

The style of this beautiful floral rug from China is distinctively Asian, but the design has an almost abstract quality that contributes to an Art Deco flavor. This small rug has the classic symmetry and motif placement that one expects from a rug woven in China, but the artist did not create it with the high level of detail that one typically finds in Chinese art. The shapes in the rug are more suggestive of the floral and formal elements than a precise representation of them. This ties into the expressionist concept of oriental rugs and art where the artist tries to capture the essence and feel of an object rather than providing an exact duplicate of them.

This abstract quality gives this antique rug a more casual feel. Another feature of this white and blue rug that contributes to its warm and inviting feel is that the rug pile was not trimmed short. The longer pile adds an element of movement and catches the light differently as the pile is brushed in various directions. This creates subtle shading that adds to the organic feel of the Oriental rug.

This smaller size antique Chinese area rug is unique in many ways, making it the perfect statement piece for any style room from traditional to modern, adding a subtly earthy element. They will make the perfect foundation for your favorite antique Chinese vase, and it could easily give an Asian flavor to any room design. It will spark the creativity and will make a beautiful addition to any space.

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