Money Back Guarantee On All Rug Purchases

Buy With Confidence - Nazmiyal Guarantees All Purchases

Money Back Guarantee - To ensure complete satisfaction, we allow our customers in the United States to experience any rug in their home.

We understand that each purchase is an investment in a work of art that you'll be living with for many years. We provide photographs and descriptions for each item, but no computer monitor or picture can accurately show the beauty of a fine rug and do it with justice. Because it's so important that customers really love each piece, we give clients a chance to view any rug in their home for three days.

After we receive full payment for the rug that interests you, we will ship it anywhere in the world free of charge.

This free shipping offer applies to retail purchases of one individual rug. Once you receive the item, you'll have a chance to live with it and observe the quality, the colors, the rich textures and the sumptuous designs first hand.

money back guarantee
Interior Design by Kureck Jones

If you decide that the rug is not for you, for any reason, you may return it within three days for a full refund.

* If we do not hear from you within three days, the sale is considered final.

* If the client has agreed to flat out buy the rug and does not need to try it first then the rug is considered sold and all sales are final.

* Customers in the USA will only be responsible for return shipping and insurance charges.

* Customers located overseas, will be responsible for the return shipping plus any local duty and / or vat charges (Nazmiyal covers the physical shipping charges to you only).

If you have any questions, you're welcome to call us at 212-545-8029 or click here to: contact us.

We'll be happy to answer any questions or concerns so that you may proceed with confidence.

*Please note that the above policy, applies to private consumers only. Designers and dealers are handled differently.

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