How to Search for and Find Antique Rugs Online

How to go about Finding antique rugs online on the Nazmiyal Collection website

Finding Antique Rugs by Style:

If you know the specific style of antique rug you would like, such as Heriz, Serapi, Sultanabad, or any other style, or if you wish to survey the different styles that are available to you, click on the arrow in the “style” box,  scroll down the list, and then click on any style you like. Then click the “submit” box. It’s as easy as that!

Finding Antique Rugs by Origin:

If you are looking for rugs from a particular country of origin, such as Persia, Turkey, China, France, or any other country of origin, or if you wish to survey the various countries where rugs have historically been produced, click on the arrow in the “origin” box and click on any country that is of interest. Then click the “submit” box.

Finding Antique Rugs Approximate size range:

If you are looking for a specific size antique oriental rug or carpet,  enter the minimum and maximum width and length by clicking on the arrows in the appropriate boxes and then click on the number of feet. To get the most complete results, you should make your minimum and maximum range one foot less and one foot more than your ideal size. Then click the “submit” box.

Finding Antique Rugs by Inventory Number:

If you are searching online for a specific rug in our inventory, and you know its unique rug number, enter the four- or five-digit number in the appropriate box. Then click the “submit” box. You can search for multiple rugs by typing the numbers in sequence, separated by a comma.