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What rug sizes to consider based on how large a room is?

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Rug Sizes - Many rug buyers think that the carpet should fill the room or most of it. This is not necessarily the way to go, unless the primary concern is acoustic sound absorption.

If the floors are attractive, a certain amount flooring should remain exposed around the edge of the room. One or more carpets can also be used to establish different spaces or areas within a larger room, say a living area and a dining area within a continuous space.

Furniture placement also matters. Furniture can be placed over a larger oversized rugs if it has an allover repeating design, or if it has no borders. Alternatively, furniture can be grouped around a smaller rug, or overlapping slightly onto it.

In that case a smaller rug would work well in a larger room. These are all decisions that should be made before beginning to think about the style of carpet that might be appropriate.

Finding Antique Rugs by Sizes - If you are looking for rugs for your home then naturally, one of the most important factors is size. Below we have made it easy to search our rugs based on pre-set size ranges. Click the rug size links below to quickly pull up the search results based on general rug sizes. With so many rug sizes and common interior spaces, there's a perfectly proportioned rug for every location. The Most common would be the rectangular rug sizes followed by Square rugs then round rugs.

Other, less typical sized rugs are octagonal and even diamond-shaped rugs. While the modern contemporary rugs will usually be available in standard sizes, the antique carpets can be found in common as well as unusual rug sizes.

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For small scatter rug sizes that measure Less Than 9 ft in Length click: Small Rugs

For room size rugs that measure 9 feet to 15 feet in Length click: Room Size Rugs

For antique large size rugs that measure 15 ft to 20 ft in Length click: Large Rugs

For oversized rugs that measure more than 20 ft either width-wise or lengthwise click on: Oversized Rugs

For runner rugs that are basically for halls and are long and very narrow click on:  Runner Rugs or Long and Narrow Gallery Size Rugs

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Antique Rugs and Carpets by Room Size - Antique rugs and carpets are available in a wide variety of sizes. Based on the size of the space that you are working with, you will want to search through certain size carpets.

Click on the preset rug sizes below to search antique rugs and carpets by room sizes to find the carpet that is best suited for your particular space. We all lead busy lives and sometimes we simply want to find what we are looking for without the hassle of conducting search after search.

With that in mind, we have categorized our inventory based on the most popular as well as the most common room size requirements. So if you are looking for just a small rug to place in an entry, a runner for a hall or even a large or "extra large" rug, simply click on the corresponding image to see the selection.

Each individual section contains each item in our inventory that corresponds to the specified size parameters.

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