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Antique Small Rugs On Sale - These small area rugs come in sizes from 5ft to 9ft long and are perfect for smaller spaces in your home or apartment. Antique scatter size and small rugs tend to be woven by nomadic tribes and often present more village style weaves as well as tribal geometric motifs. Not all small area rugs are tribal though - major rug producing regions like Kerman and Tabriz also produced smaller rugs with very fine weaves and more floral, curvilinear designs. Regardless of their genesis or style, the smaller sizes of these scatter rugs make them extremely versatile for any space in the home.

Small rugs, also known as scatter rugs, are ideal for decorating foyers, short hallways and irregular spaces. Scatter rugs create a beautiful effect when displayed together in a large room or open space. The small scatterĀ rug sizes are generally between 2 by 3 and 3 by 5.

Nazmiyal Antique Carpets offers the most comprehensive selection of small rugs from all across the world, including pieces from the Caucuses, Persia, India, China, Turkey, and Europe.

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Showing 1–40 of 254 results