Antique Gallery Size Rugs on Sale

Beautiful Antique Long and Narrow Size Gallery Rugs on Sale

Antique Gallery Rugs On Sale - Gallery size rugs and corridor rugs are uniquely sized carpets (long and narrow) that bridge the gap between room sized rugs and runner rugs and are perfect for wide hallways or perhaps grand foyers. Gallery rugs are relatively rare compared to more conventional sized rugs as rooms typically aren't constructed in these dimensions, but for those looking for these unique pieces.

Most of the antique Persian gallery corridor rugs are 4 or 6 feet wide and 14 to over 20 feet long.

Nazmiyal antique carpets has one of the most comprehensive collections of gallery rugs from across the world, including pieces from Persia, China, Morocco, the Caucuses, and East Turkestan.

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Showing all 15 results