Rustic Antique Tribal Persian Herati Malayer Abrashed Hallway Runner Rug 48308

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Size: 5 ft x 17 ft 3 in (1.52 m x 5.26 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Magnificently Tribal Herati Design Soft Neutral Abrashed Antique Rustic Persian Malayer Runner Rug, Country Of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: Early 20th Century — The authentically aged appearance of this early-20th century Persian Malayer runner rug speaks to the true collector. The use of earthy shades of brown combined with the traditional mahi herati fish design rug patterning of this piece are indicative of Persian rugs of this era. At the center of this carpet, the stylized designs are most intricate. Bordering the complex designs that are central to this piece are designs of a more geometrical variety. The contrast of these two elements is striking and this juxtaposition serves to enhance the overall aesthetics of this particular rug. Uneven fading of the color and patterns over time shows the age of this runner rug in a way that is utterly charming. The rustic appeal of this antique rug is undeniable, immediately emitting the feeling of the true piece of history that it is.

This gorgeous tribal Malayer rug is the perfect antique for contemporary spaces. Its colors have mellowed to reveal their softer side. Time has transitioned the brilliant juxtaposing colors to soft grays with a warm and earthy feel. Malayer rugs are from Northwestern Persia, which is an area with both formal city workshops and smaller, remote village artisans. The unique traditions and designs of the area reflect the diversity in local customs and weaving traditions in the area.

Some antique Persian Malayer rugs have the distinctive hallmarks of rustic rugs that were carefully designed and laid out by highly skilled, trained weavers in the formal workshops. Others have a more spontaneous character and show the unique design choices of the weaver as they went along. Sometimes, they seem to be a little of both, as village weavers living close to urban areas seemed to pick up some of the formal techniques and incorporate them into their own works. Area rugs like this one seem to have the formal layout of a city carpet, but it is not executed with the precision that you typically see from them. This allows it to retain its organic character of these iconic tribal rugs.

This would be the perfect area rug for a Boho chic room where it would add texture and a vintage feel to the space. The abrash rug colors are soft enough that they could be used to add color to a neutral palette. The reds are rich and spicy, and the blues are reminiscent of sky and water. The piece has an overall earthy feel that will give the room a nature-inspired ambiance. This rug would pair nicely with natural materials such as wood grains and natural baskets. It begs to be in a cozy room with lots of pillows for the perfect weekend retreat.

For those who are buying rugs and looking for an easy rug to work with, this is a truly versatile antique rug that has a vintage feel. The colors are subdued and softly transition from one to the next, creating a natural gradient effect of neutral tones. It has a feeling that is casual and relaxed, setting the mood for a space that is soft and serene.

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