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Antique Palace Size and Oversized Rugs On Sale

Impressive Collection of Extra Large Rugs and Oversize Palace Carpets on Sale

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Extra large oversized rugs on sale – Oversized rugs, which may also be referred to as palace rugs, are the largest rug sizes available. They are renowned for their beauty and craftsmanship, and it is not uncommon for these oversized rugs to be between 20 and 40 feet long.

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Those who have a hard time finding a large enough sized rugs at attainable price points will be pleasantly surprised by the selection  a and affordability of our oversized rugs on sale. These beautiful massive masterpieces offer an excellent way to cover more of the floor and provide individuals with even more visual effects for the rest of the room’s furnishings to work with.

The oversize rugs for sale are tremendously diverse in their application and motif arrangement. Because of their classical presence and style, it is not common for these palace size rugs to feature more modern designs. Because of such a classical effect, the oversize rugs are best set with more ornate and antique furnishings. Options that showcase certain period furniture can be particularly powerful when set together, and individuals are strongly recommended to match according to theme and color whenever it is possible.

Color choices are as classical as the nature of the big rugs themselves. There are numerous combinations to choose from, ranging from vibrant and inviting volcanic palettes to soothing and transitional earth tones.

The right color choices can be trans-formative in how they look with different furniture pieces. At these greatly reduced price points, our antique oversized rugs on sale offer consumers the opportunity to actually be able to buy what they love.

Nazmiyal Antique Rugs offers the most comprehensive selection of extra large oversized rugs on sale from all across the world, including carpets from Persia, India, China, Turkey, and Europe.

These place oversize rugs include all rugs that are currently on sale that are over 20ft in length.

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