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Antique Gallery Size Rugs on Sale

Beautiful Antique Long and Narrow Size Gallery Rugs on Sale

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Antique Gallery Rugs On Sale – Gallery size rugs and corridor rugs are uniquely sized carpets (long and narrow) that bridge the gap between room sized rugs and runner rugs and are perfect for wide hallways or perhaps grand foyers. Gallery rugs are relatively rare compared to more conventional sized rugs as rooms typically aren’t constructed in these dimensions, but for those looking for these unique pieces.

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Our selection of wide gallery hallway gallery rugs on sale are incredibly diverse. Individuals may purchase, at price points that are substantially reduced, any variety of primary motifs and elements to set their wide gallery size rug apart from others. They may feature Persian foreground elements, Kazakh ones, Indian ones, and even abstract ones. The nature of the gallery wide hall rug on sale depends largely on what the individual is looking for and how they are planning on utilizing their rug within a specific space.

Because of the unifying nature of these gallery rugs for sale, choosing the right colors can make a large difference in the environment. It is strongly recommended for individuals to choose a piece that may blend better with the surrounding area, as these rugs may need to lead the eye from one part of the room to the next.

In a different way, decorators may also purchase a clashing wide gallery hallway rug on sale in order to elegantly draw attention to the rug itself, rather than any surrounding elements throughout.

Our antique wide hallway gallery corridor rugs on sale are generally 5 or 7 feet wide and over 14 feet long.

Nazmiyal antique carpets has one of the most comprehensive collections of gallery rugs for sale, from across the world, including pieces from Persia, China, Morocco, the Caucuses, and East Turkestan.

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