Shed Stick

Using a shed stick when weaving antique rugs

How Rugs and Carpets are Made

Shed Stick – The traditional processes, techniques, and tools that are used in the manufacture of carpets, rugs, and other weaves have remain largely unchanged for a very long time.

The manufacture of quality rugs is something that has been historically and culturally important for diverse peoples all over the globe. The essential components of rug making are effectively the same everywhere.

Among the tools that are generally employed in the weaving of a rug or carpet is the shed stick.

Using a shed stick when weaving rugs
Using a shed stick when weaving rugs

A simple tool that serves a very important function, the shed stick is a long, flat piece of wood that facilitates the passing of the weft through the successive warps. By wrapping a short length of the weft yarn around one end of the shed stick, it helps to force the yarn between the warps. Through the utilization of a shed stick, rugs and carpets can be tightly woven together, creating strong, durable weaves.

Despite being a simple and ancient tool, the shed stick is an essential component of rug manufacture, just as much as it has always been.