Rug Weaving Techniques

Rug Weaving Techniques and Construction of Rugs

Rug Weaving Techniques – The construction and weaving of fine rugs and carpets is a centuries old craft. As such, there are a number of long-established methods for weaving rugs. In addition to the varied actual and physical rug weaving processes the commonly accepted materials do vary as well (the materials used for weaving rugs will affect the actual technique used and approach to the act of rug weaving) . While each artisan will weave a carpet with his or her own unique flair, there are certain things that are always the same.

Rug Weaving Techniques by Nazmiyal
Rug Weaving Techniques

The processing of the raw materials that are used in antique rug weaving and the general way that the rugs are woven each have an enormous effect on the ultimate overall quality, durability and value that each piece will exhibit. One needs to appreciate these issues to evaluate its worth. Some knowledge of the weaving technique is also indispensable in identifying carpet types as well as the age of a piece.

Such ‘structural’ considerations are far more instructive than the design in assessing the origin and quality of rugs.

Shearing , Carding , Spinning , Loom , FoundationWarp , Depressed Warps , Wefts , Shed Stick , Heddle