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Learning about Rug Designs

Rug Designs – In many ways design is the ultimate quality in which the appeal of a rug may reside. In interesting or unusual design, one that makes effective use of line and color, or perhaps one that that is unusually detailed and intricate may have the appeal that attracts the interest and passion of the viewer.

But these are all subjective qualities that will appeal to some viewers and not to others. Fortunately, over the large gulf of time during which they have been made, rugs have been produced in every type of design imaginable.

It really is not a stretch to say that the right rug for everyone is just waiting to be found — if one is willing to look for it. But it may be of interest to see the ways in which rug designs have been developed and passed on.

Rug Designs by Nazmiyal NYC
Rug Designs

Some cultures across the globe have been manufacturing fine carpets for centuries, and, as such, rugs are of the paramount importance to such groups of people. When one considers the astonishing history of Persian rugs, for example, one cannot help but marvel at the impressive range of rug designs that have emerged from that region over the centuries.

This impressive range in the designs of rugs can largely be attributed to the deeply ingrained nature of the art of rug making to the Persian people — all across that complex, myriad land, people took to making carpets just as their parents had before them, incorporating their preferred elements of design into carpets of their own.

As a result, a great many different designs and styles emerged — all the better for today’s ken homeowners who might be seeking out the perfect rug for their home!

There is even Mihrab design in Antique Islamic Muslim Prayer Rugs.