Materials Used to Weave Rugs

How Rugs are Made – Materials Used to Weave Rugs

Materials Used to Weave Rugs and Carpets

Materials Used to Weave Rugs – The processes and the materials that go into the construction of a quality rug have been largely unchanged for a very long time. While various cultures across the globe have each developed important rug making traditions, from cultures as far afield as the Turkish and the Chinese, there is in fact very little variety in how rugs are actually put together.

Similarly, there is very little variety in the type of materials that are utilized in the construction of a rug or carpet. It is important to note that the materials that go into a rug are certainly as important as the design and workmanship that go into it… even with the most talented of weavers would have a difficult time putting together a quality piece if they had only sub-par materials to work with.

When everything is said and dome, the materials used to weave rugs contribute s enormously to the overall impression of the rug – its color, texture, tactile feel, and above all its durability.

Materials Used to Weave Rugs
Materials Used to Weave Rugs

Of the materials that are typically used to construct a rug, certainly the most prevalent are woolcotton, silk, and the various dyes that are employed to get the colors of the piece just right.

Silk rugs differ in appearance quite substantially from rugs that are made with cotton or wool — silk rugs possess a charming sheen and often possess highly detailed patterning throughout. The relative fineness of silk to materials like wool and cotton allows weavers to create very precise patterns and motifs.

Meanwhile, the dyes that are used to color a rug may be either chemical or vegetable; that is, either synthetic or natural. Natural dyes were the only type available for centuries, and have a distinct way of aging. This is one clear, tangible example of how the materials used to make rugs have a tremendous impact on the overall look and feel of the finished piece.