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Machine Made Rugs

Learning About Machine Made Rugs

How Rugs & Carpets are Made

Machine Made Rugs – Since the earliest days of western industrialization, beginning in the 19th century, many rugs have been manufactured (or mass-produced) by a wide variety of machine loom processes.

Such rugs – which are commonly referred to as “machine made rugs” – are generally made from the same materials as hand-made rugs – that is to day, wool, silk, and high quality cotton, with a small number of pieces being woven from different materials.

In addition to an emphasis on  high quality weaving materials, the standards of fabrication for machine-made rugs may also be high, and consistently so. After all, machine-made rugs are consumer-end products that are manufactured with the express purpose of selling a very large number of them.

High quality weaving materials are assistive in mass-production, as they ensure fewer problems will arise during manufacture.

Machine Made Rugs by Nazmiyal

Machine Made Rugs

However, this utilization of high quality materials is unfortunately the most that one can expect to celebrate about most machine-made rugs, which are mechanical in their execution, and often in their design as well.

Machine-made rugs are programmatic and contain no surprises, no idiosyncrasies, none of the little bits of magic that add up to make a great hand-made rug. In other words, machine-made rugs simply lack the personality that one finds in authentic hand-made rugs.

As mass-produced items, machine-made rugs are almost always less valuable than their hand-made counterparts, although there are some examples of machine-made rugs, such as the perennially popular Wiltons or Karastans, that will in fact command a high price.

Of course, while cost is certainly an important factor, the most important distinction between machine-made rugs and hand-made rugs is the simple and inescapable fact that hand-made rugs are almost always more expressive, more adventurous, and more exciting than machine-made rugs, which may be artful, but are not art the same way that hand-made rugs are.

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