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Finely Woven Rugs Vs Coarser Carpet Weaves

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Fine Weave versus Coarse Weave

Fine Weave vs. Coarse Weave in Rugs and Carpets – Many people assume that a finer rug with many more smaller knots is a better rug, and that a coarser rug, one with fewer larger knots, is inferior in quality. But this standard is misleading.

Intricate designs, small in scale with many sinuous curves are much more effectively rendered in a fine technique, and to be sure, such a fine technique was developed to facilitate the production of intricate, finely detailed designs. But when one is making a rug that relies on large-scale, bold designs with angular contours and large swaths of color rather than linear detail, there is no need to resort to a fine technique with a high knot count.

Antique Mohtashem Kashan Carpet by Nazmiyal

Fine Weave versus Coarse Weave – An Exceptionally Fine Mohtashem Kashan Rug from Persia

Rugs with such designs are always woven with a coarse or low knot count, and rightly so. Fineness of weave must be coordinated with fineness of design, just as bold design require large-scale weave. What matters more is the density.

Whatever the size of the knots, if they are closely compacted vertically and horizontally, the weave will be denser and therefore more durable. Durability deserves to be privileged, but fineness in and of itself as a value is subjective.

Some of the most prized rugs – Herizes, Bakshaishes, Sultanabads, or Kazaks, have a relatively low knot count that is appropriate to their large scale design. The term coarse would be best set aside in favor of terms like robust or large-scale.

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