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Antique Rug Symbol – Kufic Motif

The Meanings of the Kufic Motif Design in Rugs and Carpets

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Antique Rug Symbols: Kufic Motif — Kufic refers to stylized, geometrically rendered Arabic letters used as design elements on borders of carpets. Kufic was first seen in the seventh century in Kufa, the region from which the script gets its name.

This script was often used in holy texts and important manuscripts from the 8th-11th centuries, at which time more modern alphabets began to gain popularity. In addition to its use in carpets, Kufic has also been used as a decorative element on buildings, coins, and pottery. This motif is found on many antique Persian carpets, but is found on antique rugs from other origins as well.

Below are several examples of rugs from the Nazmiyal Collection containing the Kufic motif imagery

Kufic Motif in Antique Sarouk Farahan Persian Rug 43268 by Nazmiyal
Antique Sarouk Farahan Persian Rug 43268
Kufic Motif in Antique Chinese Rug 46373 by Nazmiyal
Antique Chinese Rug 46373
Kufic Motif in Vintage Persian Esfahan Rug 43387 by Naszmiyal
Vintage Persian Esfahan Rug 43387
Kufic Motif in Hereke Turkish Rug 45254 by Nazmiyal
Hereke Turkish Rug 45254