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A Few Tips to Make Your Antique Rug Purchase Easier

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How To Buy the Right Antique Rug - We have a few tips to make the process easy, and enjoyable. If at all possible, start the design of a room by first finding the perfect antique rug.

There are many fabric swatches that will complement any fabulous rug but while not impossible, it is more restricting to find rugs that you love that will work with fabrics. To begin the adventure of buying antique rugs two things must be established before we have fun.

We need to know size, and you need to establish a budget. Measure your room; determine the minimum and maximum size you can use. Determine the use of the room. Are your purposes and / or aesthetic sense served better by one large rug, or several smaller rugs?

How To Buy the Right Antique Rug For Your Home - Interior Design New York
How To Buy the Right Antique Rug For Your Home - Interior Design New York

Once you have determined the size and budget, the adventure of finding the right rug for you can begin. If you have already picked a color scheme, or are buying a rug for an already furnished room, make sure you bring swatches with you.

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Once you have selected a rug, or  rugs, most reputable dealers are happy to have you view the rug in your home, before finalizing the sale. Usually the moment you see the rug in your space, you will know if it is the right one for you. The end product, the purchase, should be as enjoyable, educational and fulfilling as the search itself.