Buying Formal Rugs and Informal Antique Carpets

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Buying Formal Rugs vs. Purchasing Informal Rugs

Buying Formal Rugs – In a high-powered business space, formality is appropriate for rooms where one meets clients, board rooms etc. In residential space, foyers, living, and dining rooms may require formality, and perhaps libraries as well. Informal rugs work well in more relaxed business environments.

For home décor informal pieces are generally appropriate to dens, family rooms, bedrooms. But once again, personal taste is the bottom line. Some clients want formality virtually everywhere, while others prefer informality throughout their residence.

Buying Formal Rugs by Nazmiyal
Buying Formal Rugs and Informal Carpets

Antique Carpets that convey formality are generally those produced in sophisticated urban settings. In the Orient this means Persian, Indian, and Turkish city rugs with sinuous, finely detailed arabesque designs.

In the west this means the classical elegance of Aubusson, Savonnerie, Axminster, and Spanish carpets, but also Art Deco rugs with a modernist emphasis. Oriental rugs that lend themselves to informal settings are primarily tribal and village rugs with simple geometric designs, whether from Persia, the Caucasus, and Turkey, or nomadic Central Asian rugs.

Turkoman or “Bokara” rugs, with precise, geometric patterns, however, straddle this divide. View our Consumer Guide to Buying Oriental Rugs for more information.