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A Comprehensive Guide to Mid Century Rugs such as: Moroccans, Scandinavian and Art Deco Rugs

Mid Century Rugs – Representing a wide range in styles, vintage rugs and carpets are some of the most exciting and beautiful carpets available. These exciting and daring compositions range from the likes of the starkly minimalist rugs of Morocco, to the Art Deco rugs of France, to the imaginative and bold vintage carpets of Sweden.

Extraordinarily popular, mid century rugs offer consumers an opportunity to own a bonafide work of art for a fraction of the cost of a painting. Below, find a series of articles concerning vintage mid century modern rugs that were published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs.

1. Discovering The Beauty Of Vintage Mid Century Rugs

The Beauty Of Vintage Mid Century Rugs

Since 1980, the Nazmiyal Collection has been building up one of the most extensive collections of vintage and mid century rugs in the world. [Read More: Beauty Of Vintage Mid Century Rugs]

2. Vintage Carpets

Vintage Rugs

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