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A Guide to Antique Tribal Turkish Rugs and Oushak Rugs

Turkish Rugs – Antique Turkish rugs are among the most beautiful and sought after of all antique rugs. Uniquely beautiful and wide-ranging, Turkish carpets explore many of the different aesthetic tendencies that show up in the world of antique Oriental rugs.

From the more tribal compositions of Bergama and Yuruk origin, to the more stately Oushak rugs, antique Turkish carpets truly represent some of the finest qualities of any antique Oriental rugs. Below, find a wide selection of articles concerning Turkish rugs and carpets.

1. Guide to Antique Oushak Rugs from Turkey

History of Antique Oushak Rugs

A number of  large palatial scale carpets of the 18th century have been attributed to Oushak, and also to the town of Smyrna further to the West on the coast of Turkey. These later Oushak or Smyrna carpets tend to have elements derived from the medallion and Star Oushaks, but arranged as allover designs, and in a much coarser or robust weaving technique that corresponded to the large size of the carpets and their designs.  [Read More: A History of Oushak Carpets]

2. Ottoman Rugs and Transylvanian Carpets

Ottoman Rugs and Transylvanian Carpets

Some of the most collectible of all the early rugs are the Transylvanian carpets. Over the years, these rugs become some of the most iconic of all the antique rugs. Many have left their stamp on the world through the artists that depicted them in their paintings. [Read More: Ottoman Rugs and Transylvanian Carpets]

3. Antique Turkish Village Rugs

Antique Turkish Milas and Karaova Rugs

More than any other Southwestern type, Karaova-Melas rugs still bear the evident impact of this influence. As such the provide an opportunity to recognize the close connections among the various Southwest types and to understand more clearly how nineteenth century Turkish village weaving may have grown from the traditions established earlier in Turkish rugs of the classical era.  [Read More: Antique Turkish Village Rugs]

4. Ottoman Embroidery Textile Collection

18th Century Ottoman Silk Embroideries

One of the greatest gift that the Ottoman empire bestowed upon the world were their beautiful and iconic embroidered textiles. The majority of the production took place during the 17th and through the early 19th centuries. They are just as beautiful, appreciated and sought after today as they were when they were first made.  [Read More: Ottoman Embroidery Textile Collection]

5. A History of Antique Turkish Bergama Rugs

History of Antique Bergama Rugs

Turkish rugs occupy an unusual position in the rug world. During the later Middle Ages and the Renaissance, they were the decorative rug par excellence, dominating the market in Europe and even in Middle East itself. As early as the late thirteenth century the famous traveler Marco Polo commented on the high esteem in which Turkish carpets were held.  [Read More: History of Antique Turkish Bergama Rugs]

6. Turkish Rugs Throughout History

Turkish Rugs Throughout History

The history of Turkish rugs and weaving is as complex as it is ancient. The production of fine rugs and carpets is a practice that dates back millennia. In certain societies and cultures across the world, rug weaving is of particular importance. It is regarded as an art form of the highest order, as well a quintessentially significant cultural practice. [Read More: Rugs from Turkey Throughout History]

7. Analysis on Turkish Oushak Rug 47072

Analysis on Turkish Oushak Rug 47072

Oushak in western Turkey, has been a carpet weaving center since the late 15th Century, making it the longest continuous rug producing city anywhere. The medallion carpets in particular, of these turkish rugs, were first woven in the 16th Century under influences from Persian medallion design rugs and continued through the 17th and 18th centuries evolving in drawing and weave, but retaining their individuality.[Read More: Analysis on Turkish Oushak Rug 47072]

8. Antique Angora Oushak Rugs

Antique Angora Oushak Rugs

Oushak, also spelled as Ushak, is a small town located in Anatolia, the western part of Turkey.[Read More: Antique Angora Oushak Rugs]

9. 18th Century Antique Ottoman Silk Embroidery Textile

18th Century Antique Ottoman Silk Embroidery Textile

The early Seljuk Turks, when they first arrived in Persia and Anatolia between the eleventh and the thirteenth centuries, must have brought the art of silk embroidery with them from their Central Asian homeland. [Read More: 18th Century Antique Ottoman Silk Embroidery Textile]

10. Antique Turkish Silk Ottoman Embroidery

Antique Ottoman Embroidery Turkish Rug 42621 Nazmiyal

This professional silk antique embroidery displays discrete roses on a blue silk satin ground. The flowers all are oriented in the same directions and are embroidered in running stitch…. [Read More: Antique Turkish Silk Ottoman Embroidery]