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Fascinating Articles About Textile Art

Textile Art – Adding depth and sophistication to virtually any space, the term “textile art” refers to a class of decorative objects crafted from animals, plants or synthetic fibers that were meant (or could be adapted) to be hung on the wall and viewed as work of art. The techniques used to create textile art vary from basic felting to time-intensive, multi-layered embroidery using many different types of threading.

What makes textile art such a sought-after form of decoration is its complex texturing. When you consider that every stitch and knot was planned and executed by an expert artisan, you come to appreciate the elegance and refinement afforded by each unique piece. Listed below are fascinating textile art articles available to you from the Nazmiyal Collection.

1. Textile art and rugs for the wall

Textile art and rugs for the wall

When you find the rug of your dreams, it can be a nightmare to even think about putting furniture on it. Countless carpets are covered up by long sofas and bedroom sets, leaving their captivating beauty a secret. [Read More: Textile art and rugs for the wall]