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Beauty of the Swedish Tapestry

Swedish TapestryVintage rugs and carpets from Scandinavia are among the more popular styles available to consumers today. These exciting and dynamic pieces are prized by designers and homeowners the world over for their unique aesthetic idiom, which tends to emphasize the more minimalistic tendencies of mid-century design.

Many mid-twentieth century rugs and carpets from Sweden and the other Scandinavian countries feature modern reinterpretations of traditional Scandinavian design, often deconstructed and then presented as something entirely new.

Swedish Tapestry By Marta Maas by Nazmiyal
Swedish Tapestry By Marta Maas

This unique approach beautifully blends together classical Scandinavian design trends with contemporary aesthetic preferences, resulting in uniquely appealing compositions, whether the piece in question be a Swedish tapestry, rug, or carpet.

Vintage Swedish Tapestry Rug by Nazmiyal
Beautiful Vintage Swedish Tapestry

Our extensive Swedish tapestry and rug collection features beautifully woven examples from the full range of mid-century Scandinavian design.

More traditional pieces featuring pictorial depictions of people and animals, exciting and abstract modern pieces featuring eccentric geometric figures, and simple compositions featuring clean and straightforward design elements – each piece offers something unique, and each piece may be found in our collection.

A well-composed vintage Swedish tapestry or rug represents an exciting development not only in the world of rugs and carpets, but in the world of art broadly.

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