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Rya Carpet – Rya is a traditional Scandanavian rug made in Sweden and Finland. Rya means shaggy. These vintage rugs have extremely long, dense pile and were inspired by the Turkish Yataks or bedding rugs. Simple patterns, stripes and geometric designs are emblematic of these textural treasures.

Having grown enormously in popularity recently, the Swedish Rya carpet is prized both for it’s exciting, traditional composition as well as it’s important cultural role in the history of Scandinavia. As the interest in Scandinavian rugs continues to climb, so too will the inherent value of the finest Swedish Rya carpet rise as well.

Swedish Rya Carpet Collection by Nazmiyal
Rya Carpet Collection

The mid century modern movement in interior design has embraced these beautiful and whimsical works of folk art rugs. Designers and consumers have been flocking to these rugs for their modernist designs and relatively low pricing.

For the past two or three years, vintage interiors have been all the rage. If this trend continues (and we dont see the interest tapering any time soon) then you can count on the fact that the vintage rug will spike in value. Especially as the demand grows while the supply dwindles.

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