Interior Decorating Tips for Your Scandinavian Rugs

Scandinavian Rugs and Interior Decorating Tips

Scandinavian rugs are hugely popular in interior decorating because their unique and beautiful blend of traditional and modern designs. The elegant and stylish patterns created using a combination of sparse lines, geometric rug shapes and a pleasant mix of playful colors make them perfect for all kinds of interiors, including classical, contemporary and ultra-modern.

Here are 5 interior decorating tips for Scandinavian rugs:

1. Use Scandinavian rugs to make a personal home decorating statement:

Scandinavian rugs provide an easy way to make a personal statement. They are among the first things visitors notice when they enter your home. So, choose antique rugs that match your personal style. Look for the patterns and colors that you can identify with, but also that go seamlessly with the overall décor of your interior. The living room should get the top priority, followed by the bedroom, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, hallway runners, stairway and entryway.

Interior Decorating With Scandinavian Rugs by Nazmiyal
Interior Decorating With Scandinavian Rugs

2. Decorate With Scandinavian Rugs and Avoid wall to wall carpeting:

Wall to wall carpeting is usually not done in the Scandinavian interior; so most Scandinavian rugs are designed to be area rugs. Choose a spot to cover. Do you want to give it center stage or more of a supporting role? Choose the spot and rug accordingly. Does the chosen stop have high or low foot traffic? Is it likely to be trampled by children and pets? Choose the material accordingly. Does the spot receive a lot of direct sunlight? Go for a rug that is sun-proof and weather-friendly.

3. Use different Scandinavian rug patterns and colors in different home decorating areas:

You can use the same rug or different rugs in different rooms in your home. But to create an effect of variety, use different patterns and colors in different places. This removes monotony and helps create a pleasant environment. If you are going to have two or more rugs in the same room, you can choose different colors and patterns. You can even use rugs to create a striking contrast. But whatever you do, make sure that the rugs conform to the overall mood of the room; otherwise, it may look out of place.

4. Use hand-woven Scandinavian rugs in your home decorating scheme for high traffic areas:

Since some rugs can become worn out fairly quickly in high traffic areas, use good quality hand woven Scandinavian rugs. Unlike knotted rugs, woven rugs are produced by actually weaving as apposed to knotting. This weaving technique greatly reduces the time to make the rugs. The hand-woven Scandinavian rugs are very sturdy and can withstand daily foot traffic for years.

5. Use round Scandinavian rugs to decorate and emphasize your home's furniture:

Round or curvy Scandinavian rugs are great for giving emphasis to your furniture. A round dining table placed on a round rug creates a beautiful visual effect and makes the area the focal point of the room. In a minimally furnished room, a round rug takes the center stage, often softening the sharp and harsh edges. Round rugs are also good for the bathroom, entryway and the corner of a large room. Combined with the right furniture, they can create a beautiful vignette.

Vintage Swedish Kilim

Interior Decorating with Scandinavian Rugs
Vintage Swedish Rug by Marta Gahn

Vintage Swedish Kilim 48286 Nazmiyal
Vintage Swedish Kilim

Vintage Swedish Kilim 47145 Nazmiyal
Vintage Swedish Kilim

Vintage Scandinavian Rug 47302 Nazmiyal
Vintage Scandinavian Rug