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Antique Carpets with Fascinating Provenance

Historical Rugs and Antique Carpets With Fascinating Provenances

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Antique Carpets with Fascinating Provenance РBrowse our selection of unique antique carpets, and make sure to read the description as many possess an extraordinary story and provenance.

By their very nature, many antique pieces — including antique Oriental rugs –have intriguing histories and fascinating provenances. When a piece has been around for decades – and, as is the case for some long-lived pieces, centuries — it is only natural that those pieces should have stories to tell. Many of the antique rugs that are currently available from the Nazmiyal Collection are just this sort of piece: well made, long-lived, and steeped in history.

Antique Carpets with Fascinating Provenance

Antique Carpets with Fascinating Provenance – This Ziegler Sultanabad was once owned by Sigmund Freud, the Father of Psychoanalysis.

Perhaps one of the finest examples of such a piece currently at our New York City rug gallery is a carpet that was originally made in the late 19th century. This particular piece is a remarkable Zeigler Sultanabad Rug (which measures 129 x 167).

This absolutely incredible example was in fact formerly housed in the dining room of famed twentieth-century thinker Sigmund Freud, at his personal home located at 20 Marsfield Gardens in Hampstead, London.

Antique sultanabad carpet from the estate of Sigmund Freud Nazmiyal

Antique Ziegler Sultanabad Carpet from the Estate of Sigmund Freud

Freud, the renowned father of psychoanalysis, fled Vienna with his family during the Nazi occupation. Freud would famously treat his pateients by sitting them down on his couch and talking them through their problems.

Integral to Freud’s technique was a certain level of ease and comfort from his patients, something that Freud achieved by creating a warm and welcoming, safe-feeling environment. Utilizing classically beautiful rugs such as this exemplary Ziegler Sultanabad carpet, Freud would create a space in which he could be sure that his patients would be at ease, and, as a result, more inclined to talk through their problems.

Thus, in a way, the Sigmund Freud rug is an important historical artifact that played no small part in the development of the psycho-analytic method. Now there is a genuinely fascinating provenance for an antique to boast!

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