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The Wide World of Rugs and Carpets

Carpet and Rug Articles - Rugs and carpets come in many looks, textures, colors and designs. They were woven by many different peoples, from all over the world, and the history of antique rugs and carpet weaving is thousands of years old.

The welcoming softness, the inviting colors and the decorative designs give rugs a special place in every interior. In a sleek minimalist loft or a paneled study, a colorful carpet can have a magical effect. Carpets provide texture and color, but they offer so much more. A worldly rug can be a souvenir of global travels, an affinity for tribal designs or a penchant for the elegant floral motifs of Persia.

In the wide world of rugs and carpets, there is sure to be a piece that matches your style. Delicate floral patterns abound in Europe, tribal kilims feature fabulous geometric designs, rugs from the Far East have a glamorous modernity, and Persian rugs represent an archetype of traditional beauty. Rugs have a special place in every house, and they can have a special place in your family's home too.

Below, we have included some carpet and rug articles for you to read and learn.

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1. Antique Oriental Rugs

Oriental Rugs

This exquisite category of rugs does not only encompass the variety of rugs available throughout Asia, but also more modern rugs that utilize Oriental motifs and themes to convey their message. These rugs are often elegant in their presentation of elements, particularly those that define the central field. Many flowing movements and grounding borders are established in order to convey a greater feeling of liveliness throughout the masterpiece. [Read More: Oriental Rugs]

2. Antique Carpets

Antique Carpets

All types of antique carpets are represented within the Nazmiyal Collection. There are numerous breathtaking carpets to choose from, all available according to prominent motifs and regional arrangement. Antique carpets represent the best of the old world, bringing to life older weaving techniques that may still provide the individual with a powerful degree of decorating potential when paired with the right environment. [Read More: Antique Carpets]

3. Folk Art Rugs

Folk Art Rugs

Folk art rugs are renowned for their personal touch, as they are often established as scenery and setting rugs more than pattern-oriented ones. As a result, these rugs are often renowned for their strikingly soothing and grounded appearance, as they are often arranged against a background of neutral tones in order to allow the elements at the foreground to captivate the viewer's attention and define the rest of the scene. [Read More: Folk Art Rugs]

4. Early Period Rugs

Early Period Rugs

Early Period Rugs - The Nazmiyal Collection of antique rugs spans many centuries and origins. The rugs highlighted on this page are examples of the earliest-dated rugs and carpets in our collection. [Read More: Early Rugs]

5. Early Egyptian Coptic Textiles

Coptic Textiles
Coptic textiles are valued for their mysterious nature, as they were created around the early Christian era in Egypt. These striking textiles were developed to depict religious scenes, and many rugs featured bold colors that were meant to convey a clear sense of bordering and focus on a larger scene portrayed at the heart of the rug. These antique textiles are a prime target for the discerning collector. [Read More: Coptic Textiles]

6. Antique Rug Auction (ended)

Antique Rug Auction

On May 1st, 2011, the Nazmiyal Collection was extremely proud to present an exciting auction of antique rugs online. These rugs were chosen for their tremendous value and aesthetic grace, and the collection featured all types of outstanding textile pieces and antique carpets from all over the world. Many similar pieces are available throughout the website, providing clients with a diverse selection of striking rugs from every region. [Read More: Antique Rug Auction]

7. Frank Ames Book Signing

Frank Ames Book Signing

The largest pieces available, which clock in at least twenty feet either width-wise of lengthwise, are exceptional rugs, celebrated for their beauty and prized for their impeccable level of detail. [Read More: Frank Ames Book Signing regarding woven masterpieces]

8. Search Antique Rugs and Carpets by Room Size

Search Antique Rugs and Carpets by Room Size

Through the helpful search function, visitors can browse through the available selection of rugs in order to find the ones that will suit their home's specific needs. Those interested in browsing according to room size will be able to look through antique carpets and rugs to find the perfect size for their area. Small, medium, and large rugs are all available, as well as oversized ones meant to dominate the area. [Read More: Search Antique Rugs and Carpets by Room Size]

9. Antique Decorative Rugs

Antique Decorative Rugs

One of the great commonplaces of the rug market is the supposed distinction between antique rugs of the sort sought after by collectors and those that appeal to clients who are primarily interested in decorating their homes or offices. [Read More: Antique Decorative Rugs]

10. Where fashion and carpet intersect

Where fashion and carpet intersect

Design is a massive driving force behind both the fashion industry and the weaving industry. Fashion and weaving tend to intersect in terms of trends, and there are many modern design principles that may apply to both fashion and weaving. Current modern weaving trends focus on abstract shapes and crisp lines, and, like fashion, numerous color options are available and recommended in order to provide individuals with a more diverse selection of options. [Read More: Where fashion and carpet intersect]