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Like tribal nomadic Persian rug weaving, a certain romantic charm attaches to the concept of the Persian village rugs. Since they are widely perceived as a form of folk art, Persian village rugs too are often thought to embody notions of cultural authenticity and antiquity.

Antique Village Serab Persian Rug By Nazmiyal
Antique Village Serab Persian Rug

Nevertheless, they still represent a complex and longstanding relationship with urban commercial rug production in all its design and technical aspects. For like Persian nomadic rugs, the village weaving also tend to have more abstract Persian rug designs of purely geometric form or highly geometric versions of floral and animal motifs derived ultimately from the urban rug design repertory.

Antique Kurdish Persian Village Rugs by Nazmiyal
Antique Kurdish Persian Village Rugs

Persian village rugs are generally produced in smaller, scatter sizes rather than room sizes. Since their designs are bolder and more rectilinear and they tend to be woven more coarsely, with fewer knots per square inch. Although they are generally produced on upright urban style rug looms rather than horizontal looms of nomadic type, the foundation of village rugs may be of wool in the nomadic manner, or it may use cotton like urban rugs, or some combination. At times, village production may be capable of producing larger sized carpets like those of the Heriz, Serapi or Sultanabad rug family.

Antique Persian Village Heriz Serapi Bakshaish Rugs by Nazmiyal
Antique Persian Village Heriz Serapi Bakshaish Rugs

But despite their larger scale and reliance on urban floral designs of central medallion or allover type, such carpets often retain the more abstract geometric sensibility typical of smaller village rugs. Some Persian village rug productions, however, may be a direct extension of the nearby urban workshops, preserving the very same design and technical standards.

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