Serapi Carpets versus Heriz Rugs

Is There Really Such a Thing as a Serapi Carpet?

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Learning the Difference Between antique Heriz Rugs and Serapi Carpets

Heriz Rugs and Serapi Carpets – What is the difference between Heriz rugs and Serapi carpets? To answer that question in two words would be to say – “The Name”. Both Serapi rugs and Heriz rugs come from the city of Heriz and surrounding areas.

At some point in time, dealers began using the term “Serapi” to be able to distinguish between the older and more tribal/open designed Heriz carpets from the “newer” more structured examples. So in all actuality, every single Serapi is also a Heriz, but not visa versa.

To illustrate the differences between Heriz rugs and Serapi carpets, please take a look at the two rug images below:

Example of antique Persian Heriz rug:

Antique Persian Heriz Carpet Nazmiyal
Antique Persian Heriz Carpet

Example of antique Persian Serapi carpet:

Persian Antique Serapi Carpet by Nazmiyal
Persian Antique Serapi Carpet

Upon first glance, both rugs seem to be pretty much the same. But after looking and comparing the two, the differences begin to be quite apparent.

The Heriz on the left features a much denser pattern, the colors are muddier and if you were to see both rugs in the flesh, you would see that the one on the left has a much coarser weave and the one on the right was woven using a much higher grade of wool.

In contrast, the Serapi on the right has a far more open design, brighter colors and an overall “happier” look and feel. At the end of the day, weather the rug is called a Heriz or a Serapi – you now have the basic knowledge needed to make the distinction yourself.

In general, since the Serapi rugs are older, rarer, more tribal and artistic (for the most part) they will tend to cost more that the “regular” Heriz carpets.

Naturally there are exceptions to the rules. You can learn more about  and at the end of the day, a good antique carpet dealer will never steer you wrong. What rug you buy and how much you pay, is as important as the antique rug dealer you chose to work with.

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