Moroccan Rugs Inspire Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell, Joseph Albers

Did Moroccan Rugs Inspired Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell and Joseph Albers

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Moroccan Rugs and Modern Artists like: Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell, Joseph Albers

Modern Artists Pollock, Motherwell and Albers vs. Moroccan Rugs – Over the years there have been many artists that changed the way we look at the world and art. The same can be said about antique and vintage rugs with one significant difference: Price. Since rugs have the same artistic value and impact as fine art, why do they cost a minute fracture of the price of a painting?

The answer is pretty simple. When a person buys a signed painting, they are not only paying for the artwork itself, they are paying for the history of the artist’s life. With rugs, people pay for the decorative value of a piece though often times the historical significance or provenance of an antique or vintage rug rival that of the finest painting. Natural logic would suggest that as rugs become more and more scarce, a spike in pricing will undoubtedly ensue.

For this simple reason many young collectors who can’t afford to pay millions of dollars for a good work of art are turning to the rug and textile world where prices are still well below their true artistic value.

Below you will find a comparison of paintings by some of the most renowned artists who were inspired by Moroccan rugs and, as you can see, the rugs are just as impressive as the paintings (some of the rugs might even be more captivating).

Some may argue that many of the great mid-century artists were inspired by vintage Moroccan rugs and based on the images below, it is easy to understand why. This simple fact would mean that the roots of the Modern Art movement might very well have originated in Morocco.

Move aside Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell, Joseph Albers here comes the Vintage Moroccan Rugs!

Joseph Albers Art:

Joseph Albers Squares Painting Nazmiyal
Joseph Albers Art

Jospeh Albers vs. Moroccan Rugs:

Moroccan rug or Joseph Albers Painting Nazmiyal
Jospeh Albers vs. Moroccan Rugs

Jackson Pollock Painting:

Jackson Pollock Painting Nazmiyal
Jackson Pollock Painting

Jackson Pollock vs. Moroccan Rugs:

The Art of Moroccan Rugs Vs. Jackson Pollock Painting by Nazmiyal
Jackson Pollock Art vs. Moroccan Rugs

Robert Motherwell Art:

Robert Motherwell Art Nazmiyal
Robert Motherwell Art

Robert Motherwell vs. Moroccan Rugs

Robert Motherwell Painting Art Vs. Moroccan Rugs by Namziyal
Robert Motherwell vs. Moroccan Rugs

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