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Agra Rugs and Carpets – The city of Agra was the Mughal capital from 1566-1569 and again from 1601-1658. A gorgeous and historically important city, Agra is known to most of the world as the home of the 17th century Taj Mahal – one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The art of fine rug making has been an important tradition in Agra since the Mughal period, with some of the very best antique Indian Agra rugs of this period were made there.

Agra Rugs and Carpets from India by Nazmiyal
Antique Indian Agra Rugs

The history of Agra rugs  is fascinating. First, it is interesting to note that Indians had never had much need for large carpets themselves, and that the craft was introduced to India relatively late. During the 17th century, a number of skillful Persians were called in to impart their weaving knowledge throughout India.

Large rug manufacturing centers were started in Lahore, with the rug patterns as well as the knotting of these pieces closely resembling Persian Rugs. A number of antique carpets from this time are now found in museums throughout Europe and America.

Agra Rugs and Carpets from India by Nazmiyal
Agra Rugs from India

Since the end of the nineteenth century, Agra rugs from India have been primarily woven to order and have been made with the finest quality ingredients and woven by the most skilled of rug makers.

Because of their incredible quality and interesting cultural history, Agra rugs are considered some of the most desirable decorative pieces all over the world.

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