Guide To Different Rug and Carpet Types

Weaving Techniques For The Different Types Of Antique Rugs

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The Different Carpets and Antique Rug Types – There exists a wide variety of different weaving techniques, all of which result in different weaving textures. Most of us have heard terms like antique Persian carpets or Oriental rugs, but these broad terms encompass a great many styles and techniques.

A trained eye will be able to distinguish a true Persian carpet from other types of rugs, and will also be able to recognize the many different styles of rugs just through observation.

The variety of the different types of antique rugs and weaving textures in the world of antique carpets is tremendous, with some techniques resulting in flat woven rugs, and other techniques resulting in deep pile carpets. Read below to discover more about weaving textures – what makes them different from each other, and why they are that way.

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What is an Aubusson Carpet?

Antique Aubusson Rugs By Nazmiyal
Antique Aubusson Rugs

One type of antique rug styles is the Aubusson. The Aubusson carpets were made in France and have a distinctive flat weave. They were made in all kinds of color combinations which vary from soft earthy to bold and rich colors. The patterns are mainly comprised of floral designs that are unmistakably European in style.

What is an America Hooked rug?

Antique American Hooked Rug By Nazmiyal
Antique American Hooked Rug

Another of the popular antique carpet styles is the antique American hooked rug. To make one of these rugs the weaver starts by getting a piece of burlap that is slightly larger than what they want their final product to be. They use a special tool that is designed to hold a thread and pull it through the burlap. They make series of loops with threads in varying lengths to create the carpet. many of the rugs were created from old textiles and clothing that were no longer worthy of use.

What is a kilim rug?

Antique Kilim Carpet By Nazmiyal
Antique Kilim Carpet

Another of the flat weave antique rug styles are the Kilim rugs. These pieces were generally small or long and narrow and they feature geometric and tribal patterns. They often will feature bold and rich colors.

What is a Sumak carpet?

Sumak Carpets Nazmiyal
Sumak Carpets

Antique Sumak rugs will appear to have a brocade look to them. The brocade look is created when the weft threads are wrapped onto the warp threads making a chain of knots. The texture is somewhere between an antique Aubusson carpet and a Kilim rug.

What is the difference between a rug and a tapestry?

Vintage French Salvador Dali Tapestry 12 Tribes of Israel By Nazmiyal
Vintage French Salvador Dali Tapestry 12 Tribes of Israel

Many people confuse the term carpet, or antique rugs, as being interchangeable with the word tapestry. A tapestry is usually flat woven and was created specifically to be displayed on a wall just like a painting. The backs of most of the really old examples, will be covered by some type of thin material (like linen) which people would add at some point to protect the tapestry from fraying.

How are piled rugs woven?

Traditional pile rugs are created when the pile is tied to the warp threads and trimmed to make the threads be of the same length. These rugs are made with hand tied knots and it takes a long time to produce them. Many of these fine carpets contain thousands of knots which create the intricate patterns and stylized floral motifs.

What is a Tufted Rug?

A tufted rug is created when the pile yarn is expertly wrapped around the warp threads and is left untied. The pile is kept in place with a coating that is painted onto the backs of the carpets. This coating works as an adhesive to hold the pile in position on the carpet.

What is a Needlepoint rug?

Antique Needlepoint French Oriental Rug 43635 By Nazmiyal
Antique Needlepoint French Oriental Rug 43635

A needlepoint rug is handcrafted and made in a flat weave design by sewing the wool threads onto a large piece of material. These designs are often very intricate and can take many months, and even years to complete.

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