Antique Khotan Rug Interior Design

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Decorating with Khotan Rugs

Khotan rugs have several unique qualities among antique rug styles that makes them particularly well-suited for decorating interior spaces. Khotans derive their name from the city of Khotan, a major rug-producing city in Eastern Turkestan.  Quality rugs have been hand-made in Khotan from the beginning of the eighteenth century, with production becoming increasingly prolific during the nineteenth century.

Antique Khotan Rug Interior Design By Tucker and Marks Design
Antique Khotan Rug Interior Design By Tucker and Marks Design

What makes Khotan rugs most distinctive – and what makes them so appealing to interior decorators and designers – is that these pieces represent a sort of in-between aesthetic: the most common elements of design found in Khotan rugs, as well as their overall composition and structure, are neither particularly Eastern Oriental (like Chinese rugs, for example), nor more Western Oriental (such as Turkish Oushak rugs).

Space fillers are commonly used in Khotan antique rugs, mimicking Western Oriental designs, while the central composition often borrows Chinese styles. Color palettes generally used in Khotan rugs range from bold, rich colors to softer pastels. Featuring abstract elements and traditional geometric structures, Khotan rugs are among the most well suited to interior design.

In the above image, featuring a gorgeous space decorated by the renowned firm of Tucker and Marks, a beautiful, traditional Khotan rug works to bring together the eclectic ornamentation. Featuring a conventional Khotan style field and border, this beautiful rug demonstrates the impressive versatility of Khotan rugs.

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