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A Comprehensive Guide to Antique East Turkestan Rugs and Carpets

East Turkestan Rugs – Some of the most beautiful and remarkable antique rugs and carpets are those that were weave in East Turkestan. These exotic and intriguing creations are unique: East Turkestan, during their rug-making heyday, was influenced by China, Persia, Mongolia, and other rug-making peoples. The result is a style that is immediately recognizable and deeply provocative.

Find below a selection articles relating to antique rugs and carpets from East Turkestan.

1. Collection of Antique Samarkand Rugs and Carpets

Collection of Antique Samarkand Rugs

The desert oasis of Khotan was an important stop on the Silk Road. The people of Khotan were expert carpet weavers who produced high-quality antique rugs and carpets for both internal and the commercial trade. Samarkand rugs and reached the height of their popularity between the 17th Century and 19th century although archeological evidence shows local people produced intricately woven textiles more than 1,000 years earlier. [Read More: Antique Samarkand Rugs]

2. Collection of Antique Khotan Rugs and Carpets

Collection of Antique Khotan Rugs

An epitome of history, character and culture antique Khotan rugs add richness to a room. Produced in Khotan, an area situated along the silk trade route in the southern region of Xinjiang, these rugs reflect the intermarriage of cultures. Straddling China and Mongolia, these rugs incorporate Chinese and Tibetan designs as well as Persian and Turkoman from father west. [Read More: Collection of Antique Khotan Rugs]

3. 18th Century Silk khotan Prayer Saph

18th Century Silk khotan Prayer Saph Nazmiyal

The Oasis cities of East Turkestan (Kashgar, Yarkand and Khotan) weave carpets in a unique style: not Persian, not Chinese, not Turkestan or tribal …  [Read More: 18th Century Silk khotan Prayer Saph]