Rugs For Your Next Holiday Season Home Decor

Spruce Up Your Next Holiday Season Home Decor with the Right Rugs

A new rug in the living room or one in every room is the perfect way to spruce up your home this next holiday season. Not only will it add the sparkle that comes with a new acquisition to your home decor, it will also make your room warmer in the coming winter. But for that you need to buy the right rug to complete your home decor.

Here are some suggestions about buying antique rugs for this next holiday season.

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1. An antique rug to light up your Christmas:

Antique rugs are expensive; but if money is no object, then this is the perfect time to buy one. The addition of something of sublime beauty to your home will really light up your Christmas. Made of the finest materials and having exotic patterns and motifs that tell stories from times gone by, antique rugs add a new depth and dimension to your interior decorations.

Since their value continue to rise with age, antique rugs are also a good investment. If you want only the best, then go for Turkish, Persian and Mughal rugs.

2. A vintage rug to make a personal statement

Vintage rugs come from the period starting from the 1920’s and lasting well into the 1980’s. They are fine examples of the experimentations and innovations in arts, science and popular culture taking place at the time.

Their mind boggling versatility, such as patterns made of geometric lines and motifs inspired by folk art and pop art, make them perfect for making a personal statement this next season. If you really want a carpet that combines simplicity with beauty, then go for Scandinavian vintage rugs.

3. A room size rug to cover the floor wall to wall:

If you are looking for a rug to cover your room from wall to wall, then what you need is a room size rug. Ranging in sizes from 9 feet to 15 feet in length, these rugs are great for the living room, bedroom, and dining room. These rugs are available in every category of rugs, including antique, vintage and contemporary.

As such, they come in an amazing diversity of design, style, patterns and colors. For formal areas, go for the less decorative rugs; and for less formal areas, go for the less decorative rugs.

4. A small rug to cover the floor wall to wall:

Available in sizes ranging from 5 feet to 9 feet in length, small rugs are perfect for the smaller areas in your home, such as foyers, short hallways and irregular spaces Some of the finest small rugs are made by nomadic tribes and often have rural style weaves and tribal geometric patterns and motifs.

When several small rugs are arranged to form a pattern in a large room, they can often create a stunning visual effect – just in time for next holiday season.

5. A round rug to emphasize the furniture:

Have you or are you thinking of buying new furniture for the living room or dining room? Buy round rugs of appropriate size to place the tables and chairs on. They will make a visually stunning combination and place the emphasis squarely on the furniture pieces, making them the centerpiece of the room.

Use contrast to accentuate the furniture. For example, if the table and chairs are white, then buy a blue or maroon rug. Also, make sure that the pattern and colors of the rugs complement the interior décor.

Rugs For Your Holiday Season Home Decors by Nazmiyal
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