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A Comprehensive Guide to Designing with Antique Rugs

Designing with Antique Rugs – The finest antique rugs are beautifully suited to improving interior spaces. Indeed, it is said that the rug is the soul of the room. Whether you are interested in interior design, or have recently acquired a special new rug of your own, you are sure to find information in the articles listed below.

Good Rugs Make Great Interiors.

Good rugs are the cornerstone of great interiors. One only needs to recall landmark estates or view the pages of Veranda, Elle Decor and defunct stalwarts like Metropolitan Home to rediscover the varied and always beautiful effects that rugs can have in any room. It’s hard to overestimate the stylistic contribution of good rugs when they are placed in modern or traditional spaces.

A good rug can be an earth-shattering statement piece or a neutral element that pulls the design together like nothing else could. Of course, good rugs come in endless varieties. Today, there are excellent contemporary area rugs as well as antique pieces that are not only of superb quality but have the potential to appreciate in value. Look at great rugs for what they are now and for what they can become in the future.

1. Antique Oriental Rugs in Interior Settings

Antique Rugs in Interior Settings Recently I have discovered Polyvore, which has taken my antique carpet fantasies even farther than I could have imagined. As I work at Nazmiyal, looking through beautiful rugs each day, I love to imagine how I would decorate a room around them, and with Polyvore, I could actually do it! I matched most of the rugs with vintage and antique furniture from 1stdibs, but mixed in some modern pieces and accessories as well. [Read More: Antique Rugs in Interior Settings]

2. The Best Antique Rugs for the Autumn

Best Antique Rugs for Autumn We are pleased to present the best of the best! Featuring the hottest antique rugs of the past month and offered during the month of November at special reduced price points! These carefully selected pieces include 20 of the most popular, most shared, most wished for and most viewed antique rugs, including some of our personal favorites. [Read More: The Best Antique Rugs for the Autumn]

3. Inernational Conference on Oriental Carpets

International Conference on Oriental Carpets

The annual meeting of the International Conference on Oriental Carpets / ICOC is always an exciting event, but when it is held in Istanbul (as was the case in 2007) it becomes even more so. Istanbul is one of the most exotic and romantic cities in Europe as well as a center of carpet production and commerce for the past five hundred years or more. [Read More: International Conference on Oriental Carpets]

4. Decorative Antique Oriental Rugs and Carpets

Decorative Antique Oriental Rugs Antique rug collectors come off as scholars more or less, endowed to one degree or another with a learned historical perspective. They tend to approach rugs from the vantage of ethnography. They are interested in tribal or regional distinctions and the place of a given piece in a larger development. They want pieces made for local use, which they see as authentic, in opposition to rugs made simply for commercial export. [Read More: Decorative Antique Oriental Rugs]

5. Nazmiyal Collaborates with Hearst’s Designer Visions

Nazmiyal Collaborates with Hearst Nazmiyal Collection is pleased to announce their partnership with Hearst’s Designer Visions 2012. Four of Nazmiyal’s rugs were featured in the sixth annual showcase, and are now on sale through an exclusive online storefront. Nazmiyal has also donated a mid-century Moroccan rug to the Designer Visions charity auction. [Read More: Nazmiyal Collaborates with Hearst’s Designer Visions]

6. Nazmiyal Antique Rugs Displayed in Philip La Bossiere Show House

Nazmiyal Collaborates with La BossiereInterior designer Philip La Bossiere asserts, “I am not a beige guy in any sense of the word” in reference to both his colorful interiors and his exuberant personality.  He has spent the past twenty-plus years cultivating his reputation as a sincere, hands-on decorator with timeless and unexpected design schemes. [Read More: Nazmiyal Rugs Displayed in Show House]

7. Nazmiyal Provides Antique Rugs to Douglas Mackie

Nazmiyal Collaborates with HearstEngland has always been a nation that appreciates fine rugs and carpets and has left its impression in the antique rug world with great antique carpets. Today, the top interior designers in the UK represent the newest incarnation of England’s love for beautiful antique rugs, carpets, and textiles. [Read More: Nazmiyal Provides Antique Rugs to Douglas Mackie]

8. Amy Lau Conversation with Jason Nazmiyal

Amy Lau Conversation with Jason NazmiyalHaving worked with designers for over twenty years, I can really appreciate what makes Amy Lau so special and distinctive. I wanted to start our “Designer Spotlight” with Amy because of her wonderful sensitivity to color and its role within the design process. [Read More: Amy Lau Conversation with Jason Nazmiyal]

9. Khotan Rug Interior Design by Tucker and Marks

Khotan Rug Interior DesignKhotan rugs have several unique qualities among antique rug styles that makes them particularly well-suited for decorating interior spaces. Khotans derive their name from the city of Khotan, a major rug-producing city in Eastern Turkestan.  Quality rugs have been hand-made in Khotan from the beginning of the eighteenth century. [Read More: Khotan Rug Interior Design by Tucker and Marks]

10. Rugs For Your Next Holiday Season Home Decor

K Rugs For Your Next Holiday Season Home DecorA new rug in the living room or one in every room is the perfect way to spruce up your home this next holiday season. Not only will it add the sparkle that comes with a new acquisition to your home decor, it will also make your room warmer in the coming winter. But for that you need to buy the right rug to complete your home decor.[Read More: Rugs For Your Next Holiday Season Home Decor]

11. Decorating with Antique Carpets

Decorating with Antique CarpetsDifferent rooms require different approaches when decorating with antique antique rugs. [Read More: Decorating with Antique Carpets]