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Interior Design With Antique Rugs

Articles about Designing Interiors with Antique Rugs

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A Comprehensive Guide to Designing with Antique Rugs

Designing with Antique Rugs – The finest antique rugs are beautifully suited to improving interior spaces. Indeed, it is said that the rug is the soul of the room. Whether you are interested in interior design, or have recently acquired a special new rug of your own, you are sure to find information in the articles listed below.

Good Rugs Make Great Interiors.

Good rugs are the cornerstone of great interiors. One only needs to recall landmark estates or view the pages of Veranda, Elle Decor and defunct stalwarts like Metropolitan Home to rediscover the varied and always beautiful effects that rugs can have in any room. It’s hard to overestimate the stylistic contribution of good rugs when they are placed in modern or traditional spaces.

A good rug can be an earth-shattering statement piece or a neutral element that pulls the design together like nothing else could. Of course, good rugs come in endless varieties. Today, there are excellent contemporary area rugs as well as antique pieces that are not only of superb quality but have the potential to appreciate in value. Look at great rugs for what they are now and for what they can become in the future.

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1. Antique Oriental Rugs in Interior Settings

Antique Rugs in Interior Settings Even if you’ve figured out precisely the rug you want, it can be hard to know how to design a room around it. Using sites like Polyvore can make this process a bit easier. Here are a few creative designs combining antique rugs of various styles with pieces of vintage furniture found on sale online. Feel free to use them for inspiration on your own interior design creations.[Read More: Antique Rugs in Interior Settings]

2. Inernational Conference on Oriental Carpets

International Conference on Oriental CarpetsThe International Conference on Oriental Carpets (abbreviated as the ICOC) is an annual event where a variety of museums and rug dealers from around the world come to exhibit the best of their collections. In 2007, it was held in the beautiful city of Istanbul. This was a very fitting choice, considering the city’s long past as a center for rug weaving and trade–a history that spanned more than five centuries. [Read More: International Conference on Oriental Carpets]

3. Decorative Antique Oriental Rugs and Carpets

Decorative Antique Oriental Rugs What do most people look for in a rug? Well, it depends on the particular reason a person is seeking to attain a rug. Rug buyers can be separated into roughly two distinct categories. The first group are the rug collectors, who are often looking for small, traditional designs that exemplify the weaving style of a particular ethnic group. The second group are the buyers looking for decorative rugs, who typically value rugs more for their designs than their particular history and are often looking for a piece that will go well in a room. [Read More: Decorative Antique Oriental Rugs]

4. Nazmiyal Collaborates with Hearst’s Designer Visions

Nazmiyal Collaborates with Hearst In 2012, Nazmiyal’s rugs were featured in the sixth annual showcase of Hearst’s Designer Visions. This was just part of a great partnership with Hearst’s Designer Visions. Nazmiyal also donated an antique rug to the Designer Visions charity auction. Additionally, four of the rugs featured in the showcase were put on sale through an exclusive online storefront, marking the first time items from the showcase were made available to collectors. [Read More: Nazmiyal Collaborates with Hearst’s Designer Visions]

5. Nazmiyal Antique Rugs Displayed in Philip La Bossiere Show House

Nazmiyal Collaborates with La BossiereNazmiyal recently collaborated with the interior designer Philip La Bossiere. La Bossiere has spent more than twenty years working as a decorator, and has earned a reputation amongst his clients and followers of interior design for his innovative arrangements. Educated at Parson’s School of Design and apprenticed to the famous designer David Barrett, La Bossiere’s designs tend to feature strong contrasts and lively color schemes. [Read More: Nazmiyal Rugs Displayed in Show House]

6. Nazmiyal Provides Antique Rugs to Douglas Mackie

Nazmiyal Collaborates with HearstNazmiyal provided antique rugs to one of the elite interior design firms in the UK, Douglas Mackie. Rated as one the UK’s top 100 designers by House and Garden magazine, Douglas Mackie has a high reputation in today’s design market. In cooperating with design firms overseas, Nazmiyal hopes to help make the acquisition of carpets for international customers easier and more efficient. [Read More: Nazmiyal Provides Antique Rugs to Douglas Mackie]

7. Amy Lau Conversation with Jason Nazmiyal

Amy Lau Conversation with Jason NazmiyalAmy Lau is a contemporary interior designer. She has created a name for herself through her simple and subtly colorful style. Having grown up in the Southwest, Lau drew the inspiration for her artistic vision through the desert landscape that had always been in the background of her childhood. Here are pieces of a conversation she had with Jason Nazmiyal, as part of a series called the “Designer Spotlight”. [Read More: Amy Lau Conversation with Jason Nazmiyal]

8. Khotan Rug Interior Design by Tucker and Marks

Khotan Rug Interior DesignKhotan rugs are unique for their blend of design characteristics–they mark a “midpoint” of sorts between the Eastern Oriental and Western Oriental style of rugs. Khotans are named after the city of Khotan in Eastern Turkey, from which the rugs originated. The Interior Design firm Tucker and Marks recently designed a room featuring one of these unique pieces. [Read More: Khotan Rug Interior Design by Tucker and Marks]

9. Rugs For Your Next Holiday Season Home Decor

K Rugs For Your Next Holiday Season Home DecorIf you’re looking to redecorate for this next holiday season, you might want to consider buying a new rug. Rugs are decorative masterpieces in their own right, and a well-selected one can really tie your room together. Here are some design suggestions if you are searching for just the right rug to spruce up the look of your home for the holidays. [Read More: Rugs For Your Next Holiday Season Home Decor]

10. Early Rugs and Period Home Decor

Early Rugs and Period Home DecorEarly Antique Rugs in Home Interiors – One of the great divides in the rug world is the distinction between newer rugs and those that can be termed antique. This is a distinction that operates on various levels involving artistic and technical quality, rarity, and, of course, price. [Read More: Early Rugs and Period Home Decor]

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