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Contemporary Modern Rugs – a practical, modernist way to add quality, high-impact design elements into your home décor. Contemporary rugs feature vibrant, non-toxic colors in a wide range of designs to fit any consumer’s style and palette. Patterns can include abstracts, updated florals and modern interpretations of classic Persian and Middle-Eastern design in any number of color combinations.

The market for these rugs is rapidly evolving because of the consumer’s ability to have durable, yet beautiful artistic pieces that can handle the stresses of modern life. Handmade of natural fibers with high-quality construction, the contemporary modern rug could be as retro, modern or classic as you desire.

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What Makes an Antique Rug Contemporary

What Makes an Antique Rug Contemporary

The substantiality and diversity of the antique rug both conceptually and formally adhere to contemporary practices in fine arts since the abstract expressionists of the 1950s. [Read More: What Makes an Antique Rug Contemporary]