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About the Nazmiyal Collection of Antique Rugs in NYC

Nazmiyal Collection – The Nazmiyal Collection of antique rugs is the world’s premiere source for antique Oriental rugs. In this section, we have assembled together useful and informative articles about our company. From our policies to our social media, you will find whatever information you require about Nazmiyal in the articles below.

1. Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee If you decide within three days that this is not the rug for you, you may return it for a full refund. You will be responsible only for the return shipping and insurance charges. If you have any questions please contact us at: 212 545 8029. If we do not hear from you after three days of receipt of the rug, we will assume that you are happy and at which point we will collect the payment in full. [Read More: Nazmiyal’s Money Back Guarantee]

2. Quality Service Guarantee

Quality Service Guarantee Here at the Nazmiyal Collection, we believe that your satisfaction is our main concern. We know that finding the right antique rug can be difficult at times, especially if this is your first time purchasing one. To help you navigate all of the numerous options available to you, we would like to encourage you to contact our educated sales associates with any questions you may have. [Read More: Nazmiyal’s Quality Service Guarantee]

3. Guarantee of Authenticity

Guarantee of Authenticity All of our rugs are 100% authentic. The owner of the Nazmiyal Collection, Jason Nazmiyal, has spent three decades purchasing and selling authentic antique rugs. In this time, he has earned respect around the world for his impact on the antique rug industry. His passion for this art form guides our commitment to selling the finest hand-crafted rugs from all over the world. [Read More: Nazmiyal’s Guarantee of Authenticity]

4. Personnel Guarantee

Personnel Guarantee We are dedicated not just to selling antique rugs, but to educating the public about them as well. As a result of this, we have ensured that our personnel not only have an eye for design, but are also educated in all aspects of the rugs they sell. We are proud to say that our staff includes some of the leading authorities in the field of Oriental rugs. [Read More: Nazmiyal’s Personnel Guarantee]

5. Lowest Price Guarantee

Lowest Price Guarantee We at the Nazmiyal Collection have one of the largest selections of fine antique rugs and Persian carpets anywhere in the world. Our strong buying power allows us to secure every single rug that we purchase at an extremely competitive price. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in our wholesale approach, and to the benefits of regularly turning over our inventory. [Read More: Nazmiyal’s Lowest Price Guarantee]

6. Nazmiyal Acquires Andy Warhol Centennial Quilt

Nazmiyal Acquires Andy Warhol Quilt Not long after Andy Warhol died unexpectedly in 1987, his personal collections were auctioned at Sotheby’s, New York. Among the things auctioned was a quilt that he had owned. This hand-sewn quilt was made to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the United States, and was made just a decade after the civil war. It is now part of Nazmiyal’s collection. [Read More: Nazmiyal Acquires Andy Warhol Quilt]

7. Nazmiyal Rugs on Exhibition at the Whitney Museum

Nazmiyal Rugs on Exhibition at Whitney A variety of works from the painter and sculptor Paul Thek were displayed in the Whitney Museum, alongside of an array of antique carpets from the Nazmiyal Collection. This exhibit included some of Thek’s more famous recent works, which are of a variety of realistic-looking limbs and pieces of meat made from wax and latex, and framed in plexiglass boxes. [Read More: Nazmiyal Rugs on Exhibition at Whitney]

8. Nazmiyal on Social Media

Nazmiyal on Social Media Stay up-to-date with Nazmiyal Collection by following us on Social Media! Join our mailing list, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook or stop by our blog to stay on top of the latest news and announcements. We look forward to welcoming you to the Nazmiyal community! [Read More: Nazmiyal on Social Media]

9. Nazmiyal in the News

Nazmiyal in the News Nazmiyal features a large array of antique carpets and other textiles. Because of the company’s impressive collection of these old works of art, Nazmiyal has been featured numerous times in the news–both in photo shoots for magazines and in articles about the company itself. [Read More: Nazmiyal in the News]

10. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed by Nazmiyal

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed The Nazmiyal Collection, located in the heart of Manhattan in New York City, has been in the antique rug business for more than thirty years. At Nazmiyal, we work regularly with a wide variety of clientele, serving auction houses, rug dealers, interior designers, and consumers from all over the world. [Read More: Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed]

11. Instructions for Searching Antique Rugs on the Nazmiyal Website

Searching the Nazmiyal site Search For Antique Carpets By Their Style. [Read More: Searching the Nazmiyal Web site]

12. Nazmiyal Launches Interior Design And Style Blog

Nazmiyal Launches Interior Design And Style Blog Nazmiyal launched an interior design blog, meant to serve as a compilation of the latest trends in design. The blog features as wide a range of topics as contemporary interiors, trend reports, vacation guides, the latest in men’s fashion and, of course, the most current trends in antique rugs! [Read More: Nazmiyal Launches Interior Design And Style Blog]

13. “Rug Art” – Antique Rug Exhibition

Rug Art Antique Rug Exhibition On October 3, 2013, the Nazmiyal Collection opened up a new exhibit called “Rug Art”. It featured a range of different carpets spanning different styles and several centuries. The exhibition showcased the beauty and variety that can be found in these often-neglected works of art. The exhibit was meant to educate, and was made free to the public. [Read More: Rug Art Antique Rug Exhibition]

14. Hurricane Sandy Fund Raiser

Hurricane Sandy Fund Raiser To support rebuilding efforts after the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, the Nazmiyal Collection offered one of its mid-century Moroccan rugs to be put up for auction. The auction was run by Charity Buzz, and all proceeds went to the hurricane relief efforts led by the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City. [Read More: Hurricane Sandy Fund Raiser]

15. Nazmiyal Assists L.A. Museum to Sell Two French Carpets

Nazmiyal Assists L.A. Museum to Sell Two French Carpets The Nazmiyal Collection acquired to antique French carpets from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. One of these was an antique Savonnerie carpet and the other was Aubusson. Both were woven around the same time, in the late 19th century. They both feature delicate floral motifs and designs inspired by Baroque era art. [Read More: Nazmiyal Assists L.A. Museum to Sell Two French Carpets]

16. Nazmiyal Collaborates with Hearst’s Designer Visions

Nazmiyal Collaborates with Hearst In 2012, Nazmiyal’s rugs were featured in the sixth annual showcase of Hearst’s Designer Visions. This was just part of a great partnership with Hearst’s Designer Visions. Nazmiyal also donated an antique rug to the Designer Visions charity auction. Additionally, four of the rugs featured in the showcase were put on sale through an exclusive online storefront, marking the first time items from the showcase were made available to collectors. [Read More: Nazmiyal Collaborates with Hearst’s Designer Visions]

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