Decorating with Aubusson Rugs

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Antique Aubusson Carpet in Beautiful Dining Room Setting

Decorating with Aubusson Rugs – Aubusson rugs and carpets, traditionally woven in the French town of the same name, are among the most classically beautiful floor coverings available today. Characterized by an elegance and a luxuriousness that is second to none, Aubusson rugs and carpets offer the designer a staggering range of options.

Among antique French rugs, Aubussons possess elaborate, classically beautiful design elements. They incorporated designs such as realistically-rendered flowers and vegetation, intricate and finely worked vine- and scroll-work and a color palette that skews more toward creams, pale greens and pinks.

These rugs are a natural choice for the more traditionally decorated interior. However, just because Aubussons look absolutely stunning in  more conventionally refined areas, this does not mean that these gorgeous rugs do not have a place in more forward-leaning interiors. So fetching are the finest antique rugs and carpets from Aubusson that they can easily work off of almost any furniture, whether in a complementary manner or for the sake of contrast.

Antique Aubusson Rug
Antique Aubusson Rug

The image above depicts an absolutely charming space that espouses many of the qualities of a classically designed room. This image also highlights the dynamic nature of Aubusson rugs. Featuring an ornate fireplace, an elaborate chandelier, and beautifully made, traditional furniture, this room is very much “tied together” by the stunning Aubusson rug that lies beneath the table.

Effectively underscoring the ornate nature of the room’s decorative pieces, the Aubusson also brings with it a sense of boldness and excitement. Decorating interiors with traditional Aubusson rugs offer designers a tremendous amount of flexibility. The timeless beauty of the most graceful Aubussons is unparalleled, as are the limitless opportunities and possibilities of design that they offer.

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