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Everything You Want to Know About Bezalel Rugs and Carpets from Jerusalem Israel

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Bezalel Rugs from the Art School in Jerusalem Israel – During the early years of the twentieth century, in what was then the Palestinian Mandate, governed by the British Empire, Bezalel carpets and rugs began to be produced. Manufactured at the famous Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem, these carpets are unique in their Jewishness; woven with the express purpose of communicating traditional Jewish ideas and aesthetics, are a distinct and beautiful development in the world of antique rugs. Find below a series of educational articles about antique Bezalel rugs.

1. Decorating with Antique Bezalel Carpets

Decorating with Bezalel Rugs

For those of us who truly appreciate interior design and are as fascinated by the iconic Israeli Bezalel carpets as we are the this one article you should most certainly read!  [Read More: Decorating with Bezalel Rugs]