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Art Deco Rugs – The Art Deco movement was an important and wide-reaching development in the art world that occurred during the 1920’s and 1930’s. Affecting painting, sculpture, architecture, fashion, interior design, and a host of other artistic fields, the Art Deco movement stressed a story of geometric neo-classicism, with an emphasis on bold shapes and highly stylized presentations.

From New York City skyscrapers to fine antique rugs and carpets, the Art Deco movement has left an indelible mark on our world. Find below a series of informational articles about Art Deco rugs and carpets.

1. Art Deco Rugs in Today’s Interior Design Trends

Art Deco Carpets in Today's Interior Design Trends

2010 is the year of redecorating and making home a more welcoming place to live. With colors trending back towards classic, hopeful and neutral, now is the time to make your home more sophisticated. One trend for this year is the resurgence of mid century, vintage and Art Deco interiors. Art Deco was central in the early 20th century and spanned from 1900 to the beginning of the second world war. [Read More: Art Deco Carpets in Today’s Interiors]

2. French Art Deco Rugs and Carpets

French Art Deco Rugs

Production emerged during a perfect storm of technology, political conditions and public demand that allowed the rug and the master weaver to rise to an unrivaled level of prominence. The French Art Deco rugs and carpets reflect modern elements paired with unique traditions inspired by individual artists. [Read More: French Art Deco Rugs and Carpets]

3. Les Tapis de la Period Art Deco

Les Tapis de la Period Art Deco

La période Art Deco était un mouvement de conception international allant de 1925 aux années 1940. Elle a produit un mélange de plusieurs styles différents en empruntant les influences de design du néoclassique, du constructivisme, du cubisme, du modernisme et de l’art nouveau. [Read More: Les Tapis Art Deco]

4. Tapis Art Déco Belle Millésime Art Déco Tapis et Moquettes

Tapis art déco Belle millésime Art Déco Tapis et Moquettes

La production art deco de tapis a émergé pendant un orage parfait de technologie, de conditions politiques et de demande publique qui a permis le tapis et le tisserand professionnel pour s’élever à un niveau sans égal de proéminence. Les tapis art déco reflètent des éléments modernes mis avec les traditions uniques inspirées par les artistes individuels. [Read More: Tapis Art Deco Belle Millesime Art Deco Tapis]