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The Best Antique Rugs - We at the Nazmiyal Collection are pleased to present a series of antique and vintage rugs and carpets that we think are the best of the best! Featuring the hottest antique rugs of the past month and offered during the month of November at special reduced price points, this selection of carpets represent some of the finest pieces in our entire collection. These carefully selected pieces include 20 of the most popular, most shared, most wished for, and most viewed antique rugs on the Nazmiyal website, including some of our personal favorites.

Best Antique Rugs

We are happy to invite you to view this sale first so you can enjoy the best selection and the best prices of the season. This selection of the best of the best antique rugs and carpets features a variety of antique carpets that are trendy, classic, modern or that reflect current tastes and trends. You'll find a wonderfully diverse selection of the finest vintage rugs and antique carpets from our immense collection.  The carpets linked below represent the pieces that we believe fit best into the "best of the best" designation. Explore and enjoy!

Best Antique Rugs

Best Antique Rugs

Best Antique Rugs


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