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Articles About Antique Rugs - An Educated Consumer Is The Best Buyer

Articles About Antique Rugs - Rug weaving is an ancient craft that has been practiced and refined all over the world. As such, a great deal of information surrounds this unique art form. If you consider buying an antique rug or vintage rug, you might find yourself running into new and interesting terms.

With the large number of different styles and categories available, you might find our buyer's guide articles to antique rugs and vintage rugs useful in better understanding of investment quality rugs, luxury rugs, artist rugs, rugs by master weavers, mid-century rugs, shabby chic rugs, Judaica rugs and many more.

1. Buyer's Guide to Antique Rug Investment

Antique Rug Investment Guide

Antique oriental rugs and carpets represent a growing opportunity for investors. While trends in décor come and go, the timeless appeal of an antique rug endures. Demand for these extraordinary pieces has increased exponentially within recent years, as investors have come to recognize the appreciation potential of these rare, one-of-a-kind rugs. At Nazmiyal, we are ardent proponents of antique rug investment.. [Read More: Buyer's Guide to Antique Rug Investment]

2. Antique Tribal Rugs and Nomadic Rugs

What is an antique tribal rug

One of the most familiar labels applied to Antique oriental rugs and carpets, antique and new alike, is the term "tribal."  The label evokes a range of associations, most of which suggest something romantically antithetical to our modern western civilized or urban existence. Tribal rugs were or are presumably made by people in a tribal social organization, very likely nomads dwelling in tents. [Read More: Buyer's Guide to Antique Tribal and Nomadic Rugs]

3. The Story of Antique Hunting Scene Rugs

The Story of Antique Hunting Scene Rugs

The ancient practice of hunting has deep roots within traditional Persian culture and history. Centuries before Persian weavers began to capture hunting scenes in their work, oral histories of notable hunting expeditions were passed down from generation to generation, for over 1300 years. Intricately woven rugs which depicted hunting scenes started to appear as recently as the 16th century. [Read More: Story of Antique Hunting Scene Rugs]

4. Textile Art and Rugs for the Wall

Textile Art and Rugs as Wall Hangings

Upon purchasing your antique rug, you may find that you’re reluctant to lay it on the floor and set a couch or bed on top of it. After all, the rug’s rare beauty is to be enjoyed; its unique history, celebrated. Despite the well-established tradition of displaying rugs upon the floor, many designers have begun to hang them upon the walls, transforming them into wall art. [Read More: Textile Art and Rugs for the Wall]

5. Antique 17th Century Flemish Tapestry

Antique Flemish Tapestry

Though certainly many were created, art appreciators have woefully little in the way of examples of Baroque style 17th century heraldic tapestries. This most famous of examples, in its finely wrought magnificence and great import, leads one to wish more examples had been preserved. This piece was undoubtedly woven by a famous producer in Brussels, and many art historians believe it was intended as a complementary part of a narrative series, its companion pieces most probably lost to time. [Read More: Antique 17th Century Flemish Tapestry]

6. History and Evolution of Early Rugs and Carpets

History of Early Rugs

While knotted carpets were woven and traded in Egypt during the later Roman period, the practice did not cross over to Medieval Europe. When Egypt was defeated in 642 by the growing Islamic Empire, it became effectively isolated from the early Byzantine or late Roman Empire. As a result, these types of carpets vanished from European culture. [Read More: Early Rugs and Period Home Interior Decor]

7. Antique Nomadic Rugs and Carpets

Antique Nomadic Rugs

Many people associate rugs and carpets, particularly the pile rug, with the Orient. Persia and Turkey are especially well-known rug weavers. However, flat-woven rugs woven in the tapestry or plain weave technique have been produced throughout history, all over the world. Every tribe and group that had the ability to weave created rugs from the materials they had access to in their regions. [Read More: Antique Nomadic Rugs]

8. Weaving Techniques for All Rugs

Weaving Textures

Different weaving textures are created by specialized weaving techniques. While the categories of “antique Persian carpets” or “Oriental rugs” are well-known, these terms are actually too general—both classifications of rug encircle multiple techniques and styles. With training and experience, it’s possible to learn to identify the various rug styles and weaving techniques, as well as to determine whether a rug is a genuine Persian carpet. [Read More: Weaving Techniques in a Variety of Rug Styles]

9. Antique Rugs and Carpets 101: An Introduction

An Introduction to Antique Carpets

Art appreciators may know, but most of the general public are certain not to, that the influence of antique rugs and carpets, items normally associated today with less fine art aspects than utilitarian ones, can be seen in many different cultures in various places and times. Fine antique rugs and carpets are bursting with historical and cultural significance. They can tell stories that, if deciphered properly, provide us here in the 21st century an exciting glimpse into worlds long since passed. [Read More: An Introduction to Antique Carpets]

10. Care and Maintenance of Your Antique Rug

Care and Maintenance of Your Antique Rug

Owning an exquisite piece of artwork live an antique rug or carpet can be a wonderful feeling. It is also a big responsibility. It helps to look at owning any historically significant object as a responsibility as well as the huge blessing it is. To own such an item now, a long chain of owners had to lovingly cherish and properly care for it. Thankfully, it is not at all burdensome to learn the simple steps to take to keep your rug in as good condition under your care as possible. [Read More: Care and Maintenance of Your Antique Rug]

11. Buying Antique Rugs and Tips for Buying Antique Carpets

Buying Antique Rugs

Where can you buy antique rugs? How can you get the best value for your money? In this article, we’ll answer your important questions and outline the things you should consider before buying an antique rug. In addition, we’ll include detailed information about rug evaluations and appraisals. [Read More: Buying Antique Rugs]

12. Area Rugs and Area Carpets

Area Rugs and Area Carpets

The start of the weaving industry began with the domestication of animals. We used their hair (wool) that we sheared. We did not have to kill them anymore, just shear them on a regular basis. Thus, they continued to produce wool, for our weaving needs. Antique Area Rugs are just another facet of our evolution. [Read More: Area Rugs and Area Carpets]

13. Antique Oriental Rugs

Antique Oriental Rugs

With a complex and fascinating history, antique Oriental rugs cannot be separated from the political, economic and cultural contexts in which they were made, used and traded. Each antique carpet reveals a story about its maker, the traditions of a village, the lives of nomadic tribes and even the whims of kings. Each is woven of not only patterns and color, but of time and events. [Read More: Antique Oriental Rugs]

14. Large Antique Rugs

Large Antique Rugs

At the Nazmiyal Collection, we offer one of the most comprehensive selections of antique rugs anywhere in the world. Our unique and comprehensive collection features beautiful pieces from all over the world, including stately antique Persian rugs, refined antique carpets from the Caucasus, mid-century Moroccan rugs, and countless more. [Read More: Large Antique Rugs]

15. Extra Large Antique Rugs

Oversized Antique Rugs

Antique rugs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The largest pieces available, which clock in at least twenty feet either widthwise of lengthwise, are exceptional rugs, celebrated for their beauty and prized for their impeccable level of detail. Historically, such rugs were generally commissioned by wealthy individuals and families, and custom made to fit into expansive, palace sized rooms. [Read More: Oversized Antique Rugs]