Antique Rug Condition and Trade Off’s

Rug Condition and Trade Offs when Collecting Antique Carpets

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How Do Collectors Look for the Condition of Antique Rugs?

Rug Condition – At times these various qualities of condition, age, and rarity affect one another mutually and antique rug collectors must decide which of them they are willing prize at the expense of the other.

One may demand excellent condition for antique rugs a century or so old, but as one moves in older pieces, good condition becomes increasingly rare, and many rare, very early pieces may prove to be in no better than fair condition.

Rug Condition by Nazmiyal
How Do Collectors Look for the Rug Condition?

Indeed, a compromised or damaged condition becomes increasingly acceptable for very old or early pieces. Antique rugs in good condition, tend to be younger, and they are also less rare.

Collectors must become familiar with the range of antique rug options and they must learn to establish priorities. Some collectors are in the habit of collecting especially old pieces, while others may prefer mid-century carpets. The preferences are as varied as the collectors themselves.

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