Collecting Classic versus Unusual Rugs

Should You Collect Classic Antique Rugs or Unusual Rugs?

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Do Collectors Seek Classic Rugs or Unusual Rugs?

Classic Antique Rugs vs Unusual Rugs - Because of the wide variety and ancient history of antique rugs, there are a myriad of factors that antique rug collectors need to consider when determining whether a carpet may be classified as a classic.

In addition to establishing general parameters for acquisition, collectors must also decide whether they wish their rugs to be a representative selection of classic, well-known types, or a selection that focuses on unusual antique rugs which stand outside the main developments. In many ways, the first route is tried and true, so long as one goes for quality.

Do Collectors Seek Classic Rugs or Unusual Rugs by Nazmiyal
Do Collectors Seek Classic Rugs or Unusual Rugs

The second alternative is riskier and more demanding in terms of knowledge and instinct, but potentially it is a far more exciting way to go, one that could produce a collection that stands apart from others.

Here, above all, it is a matter of personal orientation and temperament. The finest antique carpets - the true classics - represent a singular and unique development in the world of art. A genuinely classic rug is woven with great care, and exhibits a timeless beauty.

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