What Interior Designers Look For In an Antique Rug

What Interior Designers Look For In a Rug When They Shop

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What Interior Designers Look for in a Rug – When looking for a rug or carpet, interior designers and home decorators will offer clients a certain assurance that the décor of their home will achieve an impressive standard – that it will be appropriate, tasteful, and well integrated both within individual rooms or spaces and as a whole.

To a certain extent designers determine and then follow current trends in taste, as well as their own preferences, but they should also be able to elicit the tastes and preferences of their clients and work this into their plans.

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What Interior Designers Look For in a Rug

While it is difficult to generalize, designers tend to favor rugs with soft or neutral coloration that blend into a room’s décor rather than feature it as the focus of the space. They favor allover designs rather than central medallion compositions for the same reason.

Designers are also often concerned with room-sized carpets, although they utilize scatter sizes as accent rugs on occasion. They look for rugs in excellent condition with a quality weave. Designer involvement in a project fluctuates based on a client’s own tastes and preferences and ranges from full creative control to general creative consulting.