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Antique Rug Repair and Value

How Does Antique Rug Repair Affect Value

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Does repairing an antique rug affect the value?

Antique Rug Repair and Value – Just as a matter of course, a majority of antique rugs will have been repaired at least to some extent over the span of time that they have been around.

It is important to note that the issue regarding antique rug repair and value is not an issue of whether a particular rug has been repaired, but instead it is an issue of just how well the repair has been done, and how extensive it was. Thoroughly competent antique rug repairs that are not readily or easily detectable can very much increase the value of a damaged rug.

Resource Guide To Antique Rug Repair and Value by Nazmiyal

Antique Rug Repair and Value

Quality restoration is certainly no cause for concern in making a purchase — unless repairs and restorations comprise more than a full third of the rug in question. And, even such circumstances, such an extensive level of repair would matter more to collectors of antique rugs, not so much to buyers interested in acquiring an antique rug for decorative purposes.

All in all, it is important to remember that while antique rugs can certainly be works of art of the highest order — and all that implies — you should also keep your own personal tastes and needs at the forefront of your mind when you shop for an antique rug all your own.

Antique rug repair and art restoration work in general is an essential component in the longevity of a work of art, and, if performed by the appropriate, qualified individuals, can serve to bring back to life the original vision of the artist responsible for the work — surely something very special.

When you find that antique rug that is just right for you, the level of repair that the piece has undergone is something you might consider, but not necessarily something that should decide you one way or the other.

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