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Resource Guide to Antique Rug Imperfections

Guide to Imperfections in an Antique Rug

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Learning About Imperfections in Antique Rugs:

Antique Rug Imperfections – An old Middle Eastern saying holds that only God can make a perfect thing. Rugs are made by mortal humans, and even the finest hand made carpet is bound to have inconsistencies or flaws of some kind.

On the best workshop rugs, the drawing of the design may be slightly askew, the edges may be slightly irregular, or there may be wrinkles in the surface owing to irregularities of tension on the loom.

These a element s that rug owners learn to live with to some degree or another. Enthusiasts of village rugs actually tend to enjoy the considerable irregularities of this sort that are typical for such folk art products.

Resource Guide to Antique Rug Imperfections by Nazmiyal

Resource Guide to Antique Rug Imperfections

Indeed, it is far from clear that these irregularities are really imperfections. At least in the village rug weaving. As the people who wove the village rugs may be have included deliberate alterations as a way of expressing creative autonomy.

It is only when such irregularities are glaring and undoubtedly objectionable that they should be regarded as imperfections, or that they should play a part in choosing a rug. Damage to to wear, staining, fire, or insects may also be considered imperfections secondary to manufacture.

But these are all repairable problems which a reputable dealer will already have treated before offering a piece for sale.

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