Ovesized Light Ivory Color Fine Weave Floral Medallion Design Vintage Persian Luxurious Silk Qum Rug 60025

Size: 13 ft x 20 ft (3.96 m x 6.1 m)
Style: Qum Rugs

Breathtaking Large Vintage Persian Silk Qum Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Vintage Persian Rug, Circa Date: Late 20th Century – This beautifully refined and elegant large fine weave vintage Persian silk Qum rug is a truly breathtaking work of textile art. Unique tones of soft powder blue, sift red, green and yellow are artfully woven together against a soft cream white background. From a distance, the vast facade of this classic vintage Persian rug appears as a splendorous tapestry of soft blue gray and crimson red. However, upon closer observation, a stunning array of hues and elaborate designs becomes evident.

The central field of this vintage fine weave silk Persian rug contains a large cream oval with a soft outline of floral decorations. The central medallion of this breathtaking finely woven silk rug is a large soft crimson medallion with several circular surface layers. The very center of this magnificent figure comprises a star or floral shaped structure with red outside petals, which are studded with tiny white flowers, and an inside layer of silver-toned petals with gold lining. These delicate projections circumnavigate a blue circle with a red center that encapsulates a delicate sunflower.

The majority of the central field of this finely woven Persian rug displays a fanciful arrangement of exotic flowers on a soft cream backdrop. Pastel soft pink flower stems connect brightly saturated blooms and other flouncy florets, which are colored with neutral shades of brown and beige.

The widest border layer that encircles this large size rug is a soft silky crimson hue and  is adorned with a dense and intricate display of various flowers. Two light earthy colored strands flank each side of this main border. This gives the large vintage Persian silk Qum rug a truly majestic and regal impression.

This elegant large size and extremely finely woven large vintage Persian silk Qum rug is sure to add a delightful and impressive charm to any interior decor setting.

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