Oversized Ivory Modern Distressed Rug 60879

Size: 15 ft 10 in x 20 ft 10 in (4.83 m x 6.35 m)

Beautiful Decorative Oversized Ivory Modern Distressed Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – A classic ivory color piece from our modern distressed area rug collection is a perfect foundation for any range of contemporary room designs. This gorgeous area rug from Afghanistan is an oversized rug that is perfect for an office or larger room in your home. Ivory color rugs create a feeling of elegance and sophistication that will complement a range of furniture styles from traditional to contemporary.

One of the key trends this year is using white in various tones throughout the space. This transforms an all white space by adding texture and interest. Of course, this would be the perfect area rug if your style is all black and white. The key to creating an all white space with a cozy feel is to mix and match your colors and textures. This rug will help add a warm, casual feel to a formal space that features white as the primary color.

Of course, this rug is perfect for a room of neutrals, but if your style involves a pop of color, this modern rug is the perfect foundation to highlight them. This is a rug that sparks creativity and will allow you to express your personality. This rug is like a blank canvas for the rest of the room, and you can use it to create almost any style.

You could add nature-inspired elements such as oversized plants, basketry, and natural wood pieces. This would create an earthy feel. The rug will play with the light and shadows throughout the day providing an ever-changing mood. You could also opt for an ultra-urban look by adding a black leather sofa or a few contemporary velvet pieces in saturated jewel tones. Regardless of your style, this rug will make a beautiful addition to any room of your home or office where you want to create a classic feel.

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